Eco Friendly Footwear Materials – The EVA Foot Bed

Keen Uses EVA Foot BedsWhat is EVA?

We have a long list of eco friendly shoe brands here at that use EVA as the material for the footbed of their shoe. EVA is a dense foam which acts as an excellent and durable shock absorber in the sole of many shoes. Originally popularized in athletic shoe soles, EVA is now being used industry wide and in a wide variety of shoe shapes and styles.

EVA actually stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and is a polymer widely used in a number of applications – from biomedical engineering to photovoltaic modules (solar panels). In the case of footwear, these companies are using the expanded rubber of foam version forms of the polymer. The reason EVA is considered more eco-friendly is that it doesn’t use chlorine in its production. This means there is less toxicity released during degradation in a land fill somewhere if you discard your shoes.

Recycled EVA footbed material is considered even more eco-friendly because not only is the material itself environmentally safer, but it is likewise not being simply discarded and is instead being re-used again and again. EVA is also widely used in Vegan shoes because it is man made and animal friendly.

In many cases, companies are also using EVA almost as a binding agent for other eco-friendly shoe materials. Jute, bamboo, cork and other materials are incorporated with the EVA to create better function, a great look, and an eco friendly shoe.

So who among our shoe brands is using this innovative and eco-conscious material in their shoes and footbeds?

  • Birkenstock Uses their traditional cork and latex foot bed with EVA as their sole material to add flexibility and lightweight durability.
  • Keen – Uses compression molded EVA midsoles and foot beds to ensure maximum support and protection in an outdoor athletic sandal.
  • Merrell – Uses a molded EVA foot bed to keep you comfortable and adds their own Microban technology into the mix to keep your shoes fresh and bacteria free.
  • Patagonia – Uses EVA with 15% recycled content for their foot beds and midsoles.
  • Rafters – Uses recycled EVA rubber along with biodegradable cork for their mid-soles for durability, support and anti microbial properties.
  • Teva – Uses EVA and PU to create a highly shock absorbent heel for the more active Teva wearer!
  • The North Face – Uses a cork blended EVA for maximum comfort and shock absorption and biodegradable and anti microbial properties.
  • Timberland – Uses compressed EVA enhanced with anti microbial properties for lightweight comfort.


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2 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Footwear Materials – The EVA Foot Bed



    Thanks for sharing this information, I found it very useful.

    I’m a Melbourne, Australia based shoemaker looking for a non-slip rubber/EVA/etc for my leather sandals and shoes. I would love to use a recycled material, but haven’t had much success in sourcing such a thing. If anyone cannot offer suggestions I would be very grateful.

    I was happy to learn, from your EVA summary that it isn’t as ‘bad’ as I thought.

    Thanks again,


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