Timbuk2 Bags – Built to Last – No Really!

Timbuk2 Bags are based on a simple premise. They want their bags to last you forever. By aspiring to be as tough and durable as possible, Timbuk2 bags are green in the sense that you never need to buy another one! Developed by and for bike messengers, these bags are tough, weatherproof, practical and well designed – and they look great as well.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger BagI’m going to take this into the first person for a moment to relay a real life tale. One of my closest friends lives in New York City and she used to be a daily commuter from Queens into Manhattan.

She carried her Timbuk2 bag every single day, through rain and snow and sleet and shine. I’ve seen this bag in person, and let me tell you, I would never have guessed in a thousand years that the bag had been through literally years of New York City commuting abuse.

So let me share with you some of our favorite Timbuk2 bags. They are awesome and if you need a real bag that won’t let you down, this is the one to go with!

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger BagTimbuk2 Classic Messenger Medium – This is the bag upon which Timbuk2 was built and they have upgraded a ton of features that make it even more awesome than before. Waterproof and with a durable ballistic nylon exterior, this bag has laptop carrying capability and a cool new Napoleon pocket for keys and cash – while keeping your bag closed.

They even upgraded the way their Velcro closures work to avoid sweater pilling. They really do think of everything. The Timbuk2 messenger has comfort features too – with special strap technology to ensure a comfortable fit. Seriously, this bag will never let you down.

Timbuk2 Commute 2.0The Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 is another great messenger bag from Timbuk2, this time with air travel in mind. This bag is TSA compliant and unzips quickly to allow for easy laptop access in long security lines.

In fact, it’s designed so effectively, you don’t even have to remove the latop, just unzip the bag, lay it out flat and you’re ready to roll. Also loaded up with great pockets, easy access to simple things like keys and cash and waterproof as well, this bag is perfect for the business mogul on the go.

They also built in a durable luggage pass through for your wheelie companion. Another great bag from Timbuk2!

Timbuk2 ClickThe Timbuk2 Click is the baby of the family. A small messenger bag with a sleeker look and updated styling, this is a great every day bag that can see you out on the town as well.

The exterior is again, super durable and wear resistant, the shoulder strap is entirely adjustable and there’s a convenient key tether and cell phone pocket for easy access. This little baby can hold a lot more than it appears.

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