We Want Your Cork

SOLE ReCORKCork trees are one of nature’s all-stars. Not only are they an important source of carbon dioxide sequestration, but they also provide us with source material for some of our favorite products (like the cork stopper in your favorite bottle of wine!). Layers of the tree bark are stripped off to create these products without harming the tree. It’s a win-win!

But what happens to all those cork stoppers once the bottle is popped? We hope you’ll consider skipping the trash can and instead taking a trip to your nearest ReCORK donation location.

ReCORK collects wine corks from partners in the wine, hospitality and retail markets – and from eco-conscious consumers like you – and grinds them for reuse in new products. Our favorite form of rebirth: SOLE shoes.

SOLE incorporates the recycled cork in the footbed of their casual flip collection for men and women, creating flawless, earth-friendly footwear. The shoes are also foot-friendly; the footbed molds to your unique foot shape with wear,
improving the fit and comfort of the shoe over time. SOLE
shoes are a simple solution for loving your feet AND mother
earth at the same time.

We can all raise a glass to that.

SOLE Casual Flip WomenSOLE Casual Flip Men





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